With the commissioning of an automated high rack warehouse and the expansion of their production area, the Midsona Deutschland GmbH creates the necessary conditions for further growth

With the assistance of Schulte Bender & Partner the new factory was built in 2014. After the first expansion in 2016, the company had to implement more capacities and efficient processes in production and logistics.

The task

The company needed an expansion of 50 % of warehouse capacity, with the possibility to expand it significantly in further steps. In addition, the company had to be able to install new filling lines. Therefore a bigger production area was needed.

  • The plant concept was tailored to material flows and processes because of the master plan which was already drawn up by Midsona and Schulte Bender & Partner in 2012.
  • Smart and suitable automated solutions were necessary and interfaces to the existing software had to be defined for a successful implementation of the new processes in logistics and production.
  • Schulte Bender & Partner had to select and coordinate suppliers for the high rack warehouse, new fork lifts, automated guided vehicle (AGV), preventive fire protection system with oxygen reduction and others.

The company

  • The Midsona Deutschland GmbH is expert for nutrition of best-quality biological food with an experience of more than 30 years in selection and further processing of raw materials from controlled biological cultivation.
  • Among health food traders, a lot of well assorted food retailers are also satisfied customers of the company.

The solution

  • As a part of further master planning an expandable automated high rack warehouse was developed and it was built at a distance of 25 meters from the existing building due to fire protection rules.
  • To connect the factory and the high rack warehouse a conveyor-tunnel was built. In the tunnel two conveyors (one in each direction) transports the pallets between the two buildings.
  • An AGV transports new pallets from the production area to the high rack warehouse without any manual operation.
  • In the last two years the area between the automated warehouse and the existing building was used to expand the production areas.

The result

Planning, developing and commissioning of the plant expansion are the basis for

  • the integration of raw material and finished goods in one warehouse with positive cost effects.
  • Product range extension, new processing methods and organic growth
  • a powerful production and efficient logistic processes.
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