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The master plan for optimising your processes

How to optimise a value chain? Based on our long-time competency in consulting and our profound professional experience we develop long-term and sustainable strategies that bring your company to a top position – in detail and on the whole: We optimise the complete chain of processes, from suppliers to customers. For more added value from the beginning.

Our activity can be illustrated with the image of a chain. Value chain management is about seeing the greater context and strengthen the weaker links in order to increase overall output and efficiency. At the same time the functioning links of the chain are checked in regular intervals for the need for adjustments to comply with the strategic context.

In shaping your value chain we take a look at all your key success factors, from positioning and location to the most basic decisions: outsourcing versus insourcing? Centralisation versus decentralisation? Other important aspects are category management and pricing.

Strategy spectrum

Location of production, warehouse and transport

Centralisation versus decentralisation

make-or-buy: Outsourcing vs. insourcing

Inbound logistics

Management of co-operations

Sales concept

Synchronisation of sales and logistics

Logistics-based pricing

Category Management

Competitive position: Quality leadership or cost leadership (BCSR)

Risk management

Value Chain Management

Potentials in your value chain




Systems integration