• SBP Leistung - Systemintegration optimaler IT-Systeme

Systems integration

Integrated IT solutions for perfect management of your value chain

We consider the interaction and maximum transparency of processes as the most important basis of an effective mastering of the value chain. For this reason we involve the information systems from the beginning in the development of our strategies and measures.

We support you in choosing and implementing customised IT solutions for inventory management and logistics. Among these are warehouse management systems, fork truck guidance, pick-by-voice, strategic and operative route scheduling systems and on-board computers for mobile merchandise management. Our aim is to build a continuous chain of information for all process steps that you can master for revenue maximisation with our value chain cube.

Systems integration spectrum

Functional specifications and choosing software

Integration of logistics software

Interface management

SAP logistics

Inventory management

Warehouse management systems

Route scheduling

Mobile merchandise management

Logistics controlling: Reporting and key figures

Value Chain Cube


Value Chain Management

Potentials in your value chain




Systems integration