• SBP Leistung Value Chain Management

Value Chain Management

by Schulte Bender & Partner

Successful companies react flexibly and dynamically in a complex competitive environment. A decisive criterion is the optimal tuning of all business processes in the value chain, from procurement and production to distribution.

Our integrative approach to consulting takes this into account:

Our value chain management offers you a highly efficient way to optimise the overall performance of your value chain. We analyse every single aspect in the value chain of your company, highlight your strengths and weaknesses and show your hidden potentials.

In order to make this process even more effective and transparent, we have developed a tool to master the elements purchasing, sales and logistics in a revenue-oriented way. This tool is the value chain cube, based on our extensive competences and professional experience.

As soon as we know the determining factors, the individual challenges and the objectives of your company, we develop tailored solutions and support you in implementing corrective measures.

Our field-tested and in many cases approved consulting process is subdivided into five core fields:

Value Chain Management

Potentials in your value chain




Systems integration

Please contact us. We explain voluntarily our portfolio of business activities and develop together with you striking strategies for the success of you company.