CITTI and JOMO implement a premium wage system in their wholesale warehouses

CITTI and JOMO implement a premium wage system in their wholesale warehouses

The leaders in food delivery wholesale switch to a premium wage system in their warehouses.

The result: Increases in productivity and a decline in the number of mistakes.

The task

Warehouse surveys regarding the productivity of picking in all eight warehouses have shown that productivity was (in some parts considerably) below the average of the industry. In such a situation the implementation of a picking premium can increase productivity quickly and sustainably and simultaneously reduce the number of mistakes.

The company


  • CITTI and JOMO are part of the GV-Partner wholesale GmbH & Co. KG, the top-selling delivery wholesale with eight warehouses all over Germany.
  • The group offers the full range of food and non-food products with more than 25.000 items and attends to large-scale consumers and gastronomy.
  • In some segments like wine or fish there are specialised advisors available beside the sales force in order to assure the customers of their buying decision.
  • Large quantities handled in combination with optimised logistics and a modern truck fleet assure maximal freshness and quick availability of goods.



The solution

CITTI and JOMO decided in cooperation with Schulte Bender & Partner for a performance-related premium in combination with a system for embedding mistakes:

  • The productivity is evaluated compared to the basic performance determined in the precedent surveys. Performance above average is rewarded with a premium.
  • Picking mistakes are counted as the second component. The number of mistakes of every picker is rewarded / fined on a monthly basis with a bonus or a malus.
  • The bonus / malus is paid together with the performance prime.

The result

With the switch to a premium wage system, the picking at CITTI / JOMO becomes

  • more cost-efficient
  • master and
  • with less mistakes
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