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Operative excellency through sustainable measures

In the implementation of corrective measure on the process level we prove the practical use of our strategies. You benefit from our profound expertise and the detailed knowledge acquired in over twenty years of consulting.

In our concepts we take into account all value chain aspects and accompany you in implementation. For logistics this means: We prepare the way to operative excellency by optimising all logistics processes – from procurement and production to distribution.

With this target we derive multiple structure- and process-oriented measures that quickly prove efficient and optimise future value added of your company. By their clear strategic direction even the small changes that we activate show a sustainable positive effect.

If you plan to advance in small or big steps – we assist you in all aspects and are not satisfied before deriving and implementing the optimal solution for you.

Logistic spectrum

Sourcing logistics

Procurement and inventory management

Purchasing organisation and process

Systematic buying for trucks,passenger cars and industrial trucks

Buying of logistics services

Buying of machines, warehouse technology and shelf technology

Warehouse logistics

Warehouse tuning

Design of logistics centers

Conception of traffic infrastructure

Organisation of shipping

Refa surveys

Placement of goods

Sorting of empties

Warehouse technology

Transport logistics

Fleet optimisation

Technical design of vehicles

Transport surveys

Analysis of tours: Cost and productivity

Route scheduling

Concept of swap bodies

After sales logistics

Logistics steering / distribution

Quality management

Value Chain Management

Potentials in your value chain




Systems integration