Davert optimises the value chain at their new place of business

Davert optimises the value chain at their new place of business

The producer of natural food from controlled biological cultivation constructs a modern production and logistics facility that is matched with optimised processes.

The result: Synergies and an increase in efficiency through process optimisation at the new facility with expandable production and logistics spaces.

The task

Davert had to re-organise processes in the flow of goods and administration:


  • Due to continuous growth and the broad range of products, the warehouse capacities were no more sufficient which lead to unproductive stock transfers and other unproductive processes. The flow of goods between the four locations was not fully optimised.
  • In production, due to technically different states of machinery a lot of manual work and manpower was necessary.
  • At the location Ottmarsbocholt, the factory and the finished goods warehouse were separated through an industrial area street.



The company


  • Davert has for many years been a growing distributor of best-quality biological food with strict control of provenance and a high standard of hygiene in the warehouse.
  • About half of sales quantity is processed product for the trade specialised in natural food, the other half is delivered unprocessed to bakeries, industry and large-scale consumers.
  • The growing trend to conscious and ecological alimentation lead to a constant growth for Davert and brought the existing capacities to their limits.



The solution


  • As a starting point, existing processes had to be defined clearly and rationally and analysed for potentials of improvement.
  • Based on this, an integrated optimisation of all processes followed. Beside production- and logistics-related activities, administrative and sales activities were also comprised.
  • It quickly became clear that efficiency gains and synergies required the construction of a new production and logistics facility.
  • In the new planning, further potentials lying in the processes could be activated and future market and sales expectations could be considered in extension concepts.



The result

Optimisation of the flow of goods with synergy and productivity gains in all the elements of the value chain

  • sourcing
  • production
  • warehouse
  • transport
  • administration
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