Glossner Brewery optimises route planning

Glossner Brewery optimises route planning

The family-led brewery in the south-east of Germany liberates potentials for optimisation by analysing their route planning.

The result: Better customer service and considerable transport cost savings.

The task

At the start of the project, Glossner had no system-supported route planning. In the areas outbound transport and delivery service that were analysed, on nearly all tours escapees were found and delivery zones were not sufficiently structured. A revision of route planning was expected to lead to considerable gains in efficiency.

The company 

  • The brewery Franz Xaver Glossner in Neumarkt in Upper Palatinate is family-owned since 1574.
  • More than 100 employees produce 90.000 hectolitres of beer and non-alcoholic beverages per year.
  • Beside the brewery, there are proper beverage markets, a beverage delivery service and gastronomy as well as services for gastronomy.
  • As a brewery with a selection of beer, Glossner concentrates on high claims of quality and taste.

The solution

  • For the analysis of the current situation, transport surveys and data-supported work were used to devise tour-related weaknesses. Productivity was compared to benchmarks typical of the industry and basic approaches for process optimisations were fixed.
  • Based on this, the target situation was derived: Optimised outline route planning with a coordinated structure of fleet and workforce.
  • Through better capacity utilisation, less kilometres and the de-allocation of several vehicles, cost can be cut down.

The data gathered in this project can be used for a customer-individual transport cost calculation.

The result

With optimising outline route planning the Glossner brewery gained

  • Better customer service
  • Better cost-benefit ratio
  • Considerable savings in transport cost
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