Hülsta starts a quality offensive to increase customer satisfaction

The result: 10% improvement in key quality indices within a year.

The task

Especially in logistics as an elementary company process, potentials for optimisation were hidden. These could be activated in close collaboration with Schulte Bender & Partner. The main ambition was an increase in consumer satisfaction by an enhancement in the quality of functions and processes of distribution.

The company

  • The hülsta-werke Hüls GmbH & Co. KG is a German producer of furniture located in Stadtlohn. Since the foundation, the company is family-owned.
  • Hülsta is part of the Hüls group together with Rolf Benz, Ruf beds and Parador.
  • 1.250 employees generated a turnover of more than 250 millions of euros in 2010.
  • The portfolio of furniture for all areas is exclusively produced in the region west of Münster and delivered worldwide for distribution in specialised retail.
  • Hülsta distinguishes itself from competition especially through the high standard of quality that goes through the whole process chain.

The solution

In systematic project steps, the processes in logistics areas

  • end of production
  • internal and external logistics
  • trade logistics

were analysed and benchmarked within the branch. From this a multiplicity of potentials for improvement could be derived. These potentials were aggregated to groups and incorporated in a plan for implementation with monitoring of results.

The result


  • creation of new awareness for quality and
  • optimisations in structure and sequence in all analysed functions and processes

quality standards and customer satisfaction are assured sustainably.

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