LAROSÉ modernises the fleet and realises savings of up to 15% p.a.

LAROSÉ modernises the fleet and realises savings of up to 15% p.a.

The leading textile service company goes for the innovative concept of systematic buying for the renewal of their vehicle fleet.

The result: cost-efficient vehicles, a minimum of disruption, motivation of the drivers and considerable savings.

The task


  • The vehicle fleet comprises 70 transporter and 40 trucks from 7.5 to 15 tons. The average age was relatively young with 2.2 years, but
  • the risk of outage increased for the oldest trucks (up to six years)
  • many different sizes were in use
  • there was no integrated optimisation of technical vehicle configuration and structure of fleet
  • the case by case replacement applied before was time-consuming and did not offer the possibility of realising interesting buying conditions



The company


  • The owner-led LAROSÉ GmbH & Co. KG with headquarters in Cologne is a leading service provider in textile leasing in Germany and generates ca. 70 Mio. € turnover per year.
  • The portfolio of products comprises professional and work clothing as well as table-, bed- and bath linen. Service goes from purchase of textiles and hygienic care to reliable logistics.
  • LAROSÉ has 16 stations and service centres in Germany.
  • Success factors are traditionally high service- and customer orientation combined with innovative capacity that distinguish the company from its competitors.



The solution


  • First, the fleet structure with layout and configuration of every single vehicle was gathered.
  • Subsequently, variable and fix cost was allocated to each vehicle in order to make the cost structure of the fleet transparent.
  • On this basis, the optimal and use-related fleet structure was derived and an invitation of tenders was prepared, containing the detailed exigencies of vehicles as well as different concepts of financing.
  • In several rounds of negotiation, details of the tenders were devised and put on a comparable basis.
  • Finally, leasing contracts were concluded with the selected suppliers that were based on the optimal time of replacement that was devised before.



The result

Through the concept of systematic buying, Larosé fleet becomes

  • more cost-efficient
  • optimally adapted to its intended purpose and
  • by its modern image an important factor of employee motivation
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