• Value Chain Management

    by Schulte Bender & Partner

  • Strategy

    The master plan for optimising your processes

  • Logistics

    Operative excellency through sustainable measures

  • Production

    Process mastering for quality and profitability

  • Employees

    Optimised conditions for best results

  • Systems integration

    Integrated IT solutions for perfect management of your value chain

Use the potentials in your value chain

Welcome at Schulte Bender & Partner. Since 1992 we advise companies whose success highly depends on the quality and efficiency of their value chain. Consequently, our professional knowledge is considerable and our experience is vast.

As experts in value chain management we offer you an integrated approach to consulting that takes your company into consideration in its entire complexity. We develop in close cooperation with you tailored solutions that help you to adapt to your continually changing needs. To keep you ahead of competition.

To detect and to activate in close cooperation with our customers the potential in the value chains of their companies: This is our mission.

We voluntarily explain to you in a conversation without commitment what sustainable concepts for success we can develop with you.

Please give us a call in case you have questions or would like to make an appointment. Or send us an e-mail, we will come back to you.

Case studies

Glossner Brewery optimises route planning


The family-led brewery in the south-east of Germany liberates potentials for optimisation by analysing their route planning.



Der Mineralbrunnen (Januar 2016)


Instandhaltung: Kostentreiber oder Effizienzmotor?[...]

Einladung zum Value-Chain-Seminar 2016


am 27. und 28. Januar 2016, Pott's Brauerei, Oelde und Davert GmbH, Ascheberg[...]

Pressemitteilung zum Value-Chain-Seminar 2016


am 27. und 28. Januar 2016 bei der Pott's Brauerei GmbH in Oelde und der Davert GmbH in Ascheberg[...]

RWTextilservice (September 2015)


Rahmentourenplanung und operative Tourenplanung im Textilleasing[...]

Value Chain Management

Potentials in your value chain




Systems integration